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M?iso soup

Miso soup

Ingredients: (for 2 large bowls)

500ml water

3 chopped garlic

1 leek sliced

1 medium onion

1 large carrot sliced

q.s. spinach leaves

2 barley miso teaspoons

ginger (optional)

sesame seeds or hemp seeds (optional)

cooked whole spaghetti (optional)


Preheat oven to 180ºC.

Place in a pan the water, garlic, leek, carrot and onion cut into rings. Bring to medium heat until it boils and then lower the heat and let the vegetables become tender (but not too much, the goal is to get cooked but not crumble).

Then place the spinach leaves and let them cook 2 more minutes. Till the leaves become soft. Finally, take a bit of hot water and in a separate bowl mix the miso in the water, then pour in the soup and leave it 2 min. more over medium heat to activate miso properties. Beware after introducing the miso do not let it boil, or it will lose its properties.

Then pour into the bowls and add ginger juice on top, (scraping ginger and squeeze the zest with your fingers to get the juice).

If you want, you can add the seeds and the spaghetti.

This recipe was prepared for the Organic Grocery by Joana Oliveira, from Entre Tachos e Sabores. here

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