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The “Bio Desafios, Lda.”, company that owns the brand Mercearia Bio, has the License and Certificate nº AB0111UT for the storage and distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables and transformed fruit and vegetables with ingredients 100% from organic farming, with labelling and advertisement with the indication “Organic Farming – Control System CE – SATIVA - PT/AB03”.

The “Sativa, Rural Development, Lda.” is the control and certification organism recognised by the Ministry of Agriculture, from the Rural and Fishing Development, with the number PT/AB03, that certifies the activity of ”Bio Desafios, Lda.”.

Copies of the licence and certifícate from “Bio Desafios, Lda.” for trading organic certified products can be delivered upon request.

food health and safety

The Organic Grocery has implemented the HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points) system, that certifies our storage areas – warehouse – as well as the transportation used to deliver the products.

We have a Consultant - Engª Marcela Vaquinhas – specialized in the Food and Health Safety issues, that carries out periodic inspections to our warehouse, to ensure that the HACCP system procedures are accomplished.

health and safety at work

We have a company that is in charge of the Health and Safety at Work, ensuring that we fulfill all the legal requirements.

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