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mission: Throughout the country we bring the organic grocery to your place. Looking after the environment and your physical and mental good shape.

The Organic Grocery was born in the year 2007 as a result of getting together different desires.

The desire of undertaking a project from the very beginning.

The desire to improve our own dite and, at the beginning, projected sons and daughters.

The desire to accomplish with our social commitment, promoting the sustainability of our planet and a better individual and collective health.

The desire to work and being productive with satisfaction, effort, dedication and motivation, without regreting later what we should or could have done.

We have though decided to undertake hands on and we are still doing it and hoping to continue.

Over 7 years have gone by since we have launched our project and times have not been easy on us, in what the businees is concerned, but, as in the beginning, we are determined and firmly commited to instead of complaining, do whatever is our hands to surpass the obstacles we keep finding in way.

And, with all the problems that are still to come, this is our present and we want it to be our future

More than selling organic products, we want to disclose, spread, inform and support, Producers, newcomers or already established, to create new jobs and room for a Team to our dimension and values - solidarity, honest, commited and fighting - and that can feel fulfiled and with "air" to endeavour and help us to make this a successful project.

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